The Pastor’s Message

In less than three minutes I can provide you with the ten top things to look for when choosing child care, adult day care, a nursing home, or a school.  So I was struck by the way I fumbled for words when a young couple I met with for pre-marital counseling asked, “How do we choose a church?”  Given my day-job, shouldn’t that be a real softball question?  How would you respond?

Now I know what Martin Luther – the founder of Protestantism – might have said, “Go where the Word of God (Gospel) is preached boldly and the sacraments are administered rightly.”  But given the emotional territory we’d been wandering in for many hours over several weeks, those words seemed to say less than what this couple needed to hear – and maybe too much like what a professional minister ought to say.  I “backed-in” to a more authentic response.