Sunday at Bethany – January 28, 2018

What definition of unclean spirit or demon makes sense in our day?  Try this on for size:  a demon is something that sucks the life out of you, without giving anything back.

Now if we work with this definition, rather than the kinds of weird stuff we see in the movies, we get a bit closer to home.  And if we take this definition back to the piece of Mark’s Gospel we’ll hear this Sunday, there’s something else we notice.  Jesus doesn’t run into this unclean spirit:  in the desert, or amidst a den of thieves, or at a house of ill repute.  He encounters this unclean spirit right in the synagogue – among people gathered on the Sabbath for weekly worship.

What might our own unclean spirits or demons look like?  What if they were more insidious, more corrupting, more entrapping than what we see in the movies?

At our 9:30 A.M, Sunday worship, in song, prayer, Word, sermon and Meal, we’ll encounter One among us who teaches with authority and power.  We’ll be amidst One who knows the name of everything we’ve allowed to make its home in us, even though it sucks the life out of us.

Come meet Jesus and be set free!

Pastor Jeff

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