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November 11, 2018

Widows are visible everywhere in today’s readings.  Jesus denounces those scribes who pray impressive prayers but devour widows’ houses.  After engaging in a series of public arguments with religious leaders in the temple, Jesus contrasts the proud and oppressive ways of those leaders with the sacrificial humility and poverty of the widow.  He commends the poor widow who in his view gave far more than the major donors.  Jesus doesn’t see her simply as an object of compassion or charity.  She, like the widow of Zarephath who shares her last bit of food with Elijah, does something of great importance.

At our 9:30 A.M., Sunday worship, in prayer, Word, song, sermon and Meal, we’ll hear Jesus’ grief-laden prayer offering us an insight into how God wants us to organize our common life in God’s kingdom.  Jesus’ prayer gives us, as church, an opportunity to experience and to express the difference it makes in our everyday lives – and in God’s world – that Jesus is our Savior.

Pastor Jeff


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